Our Services

Taking on a renovation project is both exciting and complicated.  With so many options to choose, and numerous problems to solve, a renovation project can quickly become costly in time and money without a well-thought out plan.  Even when a project is brought to a successful conclusion, without an excellent design in place from the outset, the final results can be less than satisfactory in both function and appearance.

At ECDC our goal is simply to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions possible from the initial onsite consultation.
Should you decide to proceed with your renovation project, we can also help create an action-plan for your renovation, including establishing a budget, and developing a prioritized list of needs and wishes.  The process of creating the plan will help you understand what to expect during your renovation project.  By examining the layout, current condition of the building, and zoning limitations, and then overlaying your needs and wishes, ECDC can advise you about the design potential and functional limitations of the property, help to create a beautifully designed floor plan, and make your building process as smooth and cost effective as possible.

Our design & construction team have a combined 28 years experience in residential & commercial construction, space planning & design, and specialized in the renovation of existing buildings.  ECDC has the hands-on experience, combined with a unique flexibility and design perspective to guide clients through a successful renovation project.

• assess existing building conditions
estimate project costs
• provide alternate design approaches to the renovation project
• troubleshoot problems as they arise during the renovation project
provide space planning and layout advice
design a new floor plan for the renovation
• provide to scale line drawings of the new floor plan and elevations
• provide complete engineered floor plans and elevations
review family needs and wishes in conjunction with building and zoning limitations
offer recommendations and discuss possible changes as the project unfolds
• suggest materials and fixtures for your project
• assess problem areas and suggest possible solutions
• pre-purchase renovation consultation
• phone, email and on-site support

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